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My name is Mujo Musić, and I am currently a Mobile Application Developer at TPI in Des Moines, Iowa. I have 3+ years of experience in this field and I love bringing brilliant designs to life through the use of code! I know various languages and technologies in order to be a well rounded developer. And not to mention, I love what I do!

Name: Mujo Musić

Phone: 515-867-0125

Email: mujo.97@hotmail.com


I work with various other technologies such as jQuery, JSON, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketch.



Wordpress Theming

Wordpress is the most commonly used CMS tool out in the world today so knowing how to theme custom Wordpress sites is essential in today's web environment. I truly enjoy working with such a powerful tool that is integral to so many companies and their websites. The possibilities of this CMS are endless and I genuinely love pushing it to the limits and creating wonderful websites in the process!


Interface Development

What the user sees and does on your website will either make it or break it. Having a strong design, with powerful yet functional features that make your site easy to use is of the highest importance. I work extremely hard to make the layout of all my sites simple, eye-catching, and appealing to any user that may encounter it. Being able to integrate standardized UI/UX techniques is something I pride myself on.


OOP Programming

A lot of the fun in web development is in the front-end of an application but the power is usually on the back-end side of things. Lot's of the functionality is attributed to the code that the user will never see. I have a good understanding of object-orientated programming, and the languages that go with it. PHP is my go to language when it comes to this side of development.

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